An Ethereum Investment Is Better Than Bitcoin in the Long Run

An Ethereum Investment Is Better Than Bitcoin in the Long Run

Is an Ethereum investment good for your portfolio? According to the largest bank in the US, Ethereum, the second-most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, is a better option than Bitcoin when it comes to long-term gains.

Is an Ethereum Investment Better Than Bitcoin?

In a recent report, JPMorgan analysts, led by market strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, stated that Ethereum’s increasing number of uses, including peer-to-peer lending and NFTs, should help it retain its value in an environment of rising interest rates.

On the other hand, Bitcoin could be on the verge of a downfall.

The report states that the rise in bond yields, and eventual normalization of the monetary policy are putting pressure downwards on bitcoin as a digital gold form. This is the same pressure that higher real yields have put downwards on traditional gold.

Panigirtzoglou stated that the rise in bond yields, and eventual normalization of the monetary policy are putting pressure downwards on bitcoin as an alternative to digital gold. He also noted that higher real yields have put downward pressure on gold.

“With Ethereum deriving its value from its applications, ranging from DeFi to gaming to NFTs and stablecoins, it appears less susceptible than bitcoin to higher real yields.”

JPMorgan analysts also suggested that ethereum (ETH) might be a better investment over the long term because of the increasing importance of environmental issues in investing.

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin Consume Too Much Electricity

Both cryptocurrencies use an enormous amount of electricity for their security and validation systems. However, Ethereum plans to transition away from this system (proof-of-work) to one that is far less energy-intensive (proof-of-stake) by the end of 2022.

Analysts stated that investors have shifted their attention from the energy-intensive bitcoin blockchain to the more sustainable Ethereum blockchain due to a greater focus on environmental and social and governance investments.

JPMorgan, however stated that both cryptocurrencies appear to be overvalued as they are too volatile for institutional investors.

In an effort to reduce inflation, central banks all over the globe are cutting their support for countries. This means that interest rates and bond yields will rise.

At the beginning of November 2021, the Bank of England stated that interest rates would have to go up in the “coming months”. Afterwards, the Federal Reserve slashed its $120 million per month bond purchase.

JPMorgan believes that investors might be better off holding ether ETH (the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world), which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It has more uses than bitcoin, so it should be held with greater interest.

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is a growing sector that relies on blockchain technology to perform traditional financial tasks like trading or lending. It is also the core of non-fungible tokens (or NFTs), collectable items that are traded and secured with crypto tech.

Although an Ethereum investment is “safer than Bitcoin”, this is crypto after all, and volatility is part of the game. However, there are ways to indirectly invest in Ethereum without buying ETH. 


Coinbase, the US’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is well-positioned to take advantage of the rise in Ethereum investments and trading. They also earn a transaction fee for every sale and purchase.

Many of the cryptocurrencies that are traded on the exchange use the Ethereum blockchain. This means that a Coinbase bet is, in essence, a bet against Ethereum. Their futures are closely linked.

You want to see growth potential in any stock, and Coinbase does that. Coinbase saw 1.5 million monthly users in the second quarter of 2020. The number grew to 8.8 million a year later. In the same time period, their net revenue grew from $178 million to $2.03 billion.

Coinbase stock (COIN) is currently trading at $321. If you decide to invest in Coinbase shares, you don’t have to pay the full price per share; some investing apps let you purchase fractional shares.


Robinhood’s stock performance from July’s IPO launch may make you wonder if Robinhood’s meme stock juice is waning. It’s down more than 20% since July’s IPO launch.

Robinhood isn’t just a stock trading platform that doesn’t charge commissions. Since 2018, the discount broker has been facilitating bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) trading. It now allows users to purchase and sell litecoin (LTC) as well as bitcoin cash (BCH).

Robinhood’s cryptocurrency offerings have also been a success. The Q2 2021 crypto-generated revenue was $233 million, which is more than 40x the amount it was in the previous year.

HIVE Blockchain

HIVE Blockchain, a cryptocurrency miner, is one of many companies that convert huge amounts of computing power into crypto tokens. HIVE mines Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Among prominent investors, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, is concerned about the impact cryptocurrency mining has on the environment. HIVE is focusing on green energy to power its mining.

HIVE plans to focus on other cryptocurrencies after Ethereum 2.0 is released, but the company’s business is still heavily dependent on Ethereum. This should allow HIVE to provide decent exposure for Bitcoin’s younger brother in the near and mid-term.

HIVE investors had a fantastic 2021. Since the start of the year, the stock price has more than doubled.

Ethereum Investment

Crypto investing is risky

Cryptocurrency investing is not for everyone and for sure most investors won’t start with a big Ethereum investment. It is a risky investment because of the wild price swings and the many, many queries about its future as a currency.

If you feel the crypto market is not for you and the stock market seems ready to plunge, then it may be time for you to invest in real assets like commodities.

Contemporary art is another option, which has outperformed almost every year since 1995 by nearly doubling the S&P 500.

Modern masterpieces don’t need to cost millions. You can purchase shares in works that are rapidly increasing in value with a new app.

They won’t look as good on your wall but they should look great in your portfolio.

Is Bitcoin going to fix the banking crisis?

Is Bitcoin going to fix the banking crisis?

Bitcoin Beats Banks

As another week goes by, countless billions were created into the US financial system by its own central bank. According to the WSJ the FED added another $57.5 billion in temporary liquidity into financial markets.

The central bank started interfering in markets since September and intends to boost repurchase operations within the vacation period. More than double the recent Bitcoin market capitalization is going to be pumped back into the market by the FED.

The additional $425 billion is a part of continuing quantitative easing programs and the bank stated that it is ‘perfectly normal’. Printing countless dollars to prop up lending markets isn’t normal by any criteria and illustrates the flaws of the fiscal system.

According to, the federal debts are of over $23 trillion, but even so, banks have been encouraging taking credits in the market.

Crypto business analyst ‘PlanB’ compared this to the Bitcoin stock to flow model, which is much smaller compared to the trillions of dollars which were printed over the past ten years.

“You think bitcoin stock-to-flow model predictions are unrealistic, flawed, absurd? I think negative interest rates & quantitative easing are absurd, printing $21 trillion out of thin air since 2008,”

A recent report by RT stated that the US government could have misspent an identical sum as the ineptitude escalates. Two divisions may have spent up to $21 trillion on matters they can not account for between 1998 and 2015.

Is Bitcoin going to fix to the banking crisis?

Bitcoin has a fixed total supply and its fixed inflationary rates are a mathematically way to solve the monetary madness that’s presently being orchestrated by global banks.

These banks brought on the 2008 financial catastrophe and they’ll cause the subsequent one that could be imminent if present trends persist.

PlanB also stated on Twitter:

“Companies are buying back their own shares with that money. CEO’s of those companies are getting richer and richer and have few other options than to put their money in real estate.”

The main point is that you can not print Bitcoin! More individuals are starting to realize this. BTC is the greatest hedge for anyone desiring a parachute once the monetary walls come crumbling down.

How can life sciences and healthcare industry benefit from blockchain applications?

How can life sciences and healthcare industry benefit from blockchain applications?

Medical records, intellectual property clinical data and supply chains can all be improved with the power of blockchain. Life sciences and the healthcare sectors can be one of the main beneficiaries of blockchain technology. So let’s dig in to find out how can life sciences and healthcare sectors benefit from blockchain applications and what are the main challenges?

What is the blockchain’s potential uses in the healthcare industry?

Given the sophistication of contemporary healthcare systems, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the prospective uses of Blockchain technology that, thus far, are greatest publicised at the financial services industry, are just now becoming evident for the life sciences and healthcare industries. Decentralized ledgers can increase transparency and security in these industries, offering patients control over their healthcare and this could also lead to lower prices.

The UK is open to the possibility of integrating blockchain into its systems. In January 2016, the Office for Science authorities released a study on the tech. The private sector is also embracing Blockchain.

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers and vendors (like Pfizer, Genentech and AmerisourceBergen) are partners at the MediLedger Project, started in September 2017, which intends to utilize Blockchain technologies to help establish compliance with medication distribution chain regulations like the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

In September 2018, Philips established the Philips Blockchain Lab and has partnered with Blockchain recordkeeping startup Tierion to analyze how Blockchain technology might be utilised in the health care sector.

How can life sciences and healthcare sectors benefit from blockchain applications?

In April 2019, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Software was started, to promote the international government and growth of Blockchain engineering. Here are some real-life possible applications:

Medical documents

Since the Office for Science report indicates, medical records may be registered in a decentralised Blockchain instead of a central database. There might be a lesser risk of unauthorised access since the Blockchain would comprise protocols regulating how individual records could be retrieved and by whom. By way of instance, a secretary at a GP surgery may only hold the secret to access restricted information regarding a patient, like their name, though a physician would have a whole key allowing access to all medical data.

Medical records may also give patients full access to their own individual information. Patients may specify what treatment they need to get in various conditions or ask that particular family members be allowed to create medical decisions in the case of an emergency. In the same way, it might allow patients to document and upgrade their organ transplant options while providing medical professionals instant access to their option, which might help to avert the reduction of organs as a result of transplant window being overlooked.

Different projects are underway that are aimed at replicating some of those possible use cases. In the United Kingdom, the tech firm Medicalchain declared in 2018 a partnership with all the Groves Medical Group, a health care services provider located in London, to build a Blockchain platform pilot, targeted at providing patients with improved access to their medical records.

Public and private health programs normally use their own systems for monitoring each individual’s medical information. This might lead to fragmented information received by healthcare providers. A patient may authorise access to their individual records included on a Blockchain to all healthcare providers, both private or public, thus providing all suppliers with a complete version of a patient’s health information.

This isn’t quite as far-fetched as some may believe. In Estonia, a data safety startup, Guardtime, has announced a partnership with all an Estonian eHealth Foundation that will find it deploy a Blockchain-based platform to procure more than one million individual healthcare records. In the same way, IBM Watson Health declared in 2017 it had signed up a research initiative with the US Food and Drug Administration aimed at establishing a secure, scalable and efficient exchange of health information utilizing Blockchain technology.

Intellectual property

Proof-of-existence platforms have been designed to provide innovators with a tamper-proof means of storing encrypted data, allowing organizations to validate the date where they generated intellectual property, like patents. The time-stamped files can subsequently be utilized as irrefutable proof that an ingenious step happened at a specific time and before anybody else. Courts across the globe will, nevertheless, have to be convinced about the safety and veracity of those time-stamping systems until they set the required legal precedents.

Clinical information

If blockchain would be coupled with additional technological improvements including wearable technology and information analytics, it would enable pharmaceutical companies to securely gather more detailed medical information regarding patients in real-time. The health information uploaded into the blockchain could be assessed to identify patterns representing potential conditions a patient could suffer, or be in danger, from later on.

Some pharmaceutical companies are currently time-stamping the outcomes of clinical trials as a method of providing proof of if clinical trial outcomes were acquired for inclusion in clinical analysis reports to regulators. Recording clinical trial results in real-time in an immutable Blockchain may make it even more challenging for clinical trial outcomes to be then manipulated by researchers, as an instance, in which the attention of a clinical trial is shifted to match the outcomes.

Supply chains

The ethics of the distribution chain is of utmost significance to any pharmaceutical producer. The Blockchain might be used to assign every batch of medication using a distinctive electronic serial number, with each batch being monitored as it goes through a set of trades and throughout the several phases of the distribution chain. Drugs go from the factory to the main warehouse, then neighbouring warehouses, then to the pharmacy and ultimately to the individual. Intermediaries throughout the distribution chain will then have the ability to confirm the receipt of medication and supply upgrades.By monitoring movements in realtime, it’ll be a lot tougher for counterfeit drugs to enter the distribution chain. This might be especially valuable in developing nations where it’s estimated that over 30% of medication are counterfeits. It might also ease prompt product remembers if flaws are then found.

Data protection

Quite a few use cases of blockchain in the life sciences and health care industries relate to this feature, monitoring and management of health care data.

But, applying a few of the needs of data security laws to blockchain-based software can be hard due to the inherent characteristics of Blockchain (see what’s a Blockchain?). Consequently, data stored on a Blockchain cannot be deleted. This will be problematic where the Blockchain operates in EU jurisdictions where the General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016/EU), which came into effect across the EU in May 2018, gives individuals the rights to be forgotten, erase data and correct data (see Practice note, Data protection and life sciences: impact of EU General Data Protection Regulation).

Holding private personal information only for the required amount of time is another challenge because the blockchain functions act as an immutable record. Some businesses might attempt to cope with this problem by keeping the private data off ledger in which the information could be deleted as needed, instead of holding the information on the ledger.

Likewise, another attribute of blockchain is that data can be encrypted to make certain the data stored on the blockchain is protected. But, it’s very likely that the encryption employed to a blockchain now is going to be made obsolete as more complex encryption methods are developed.

Again, an off-ledger alternative which enables encryption to be upgraded may help ensure that data stored on a blockchain stays secure as time passes. But while keeping data off ledger can help with these technical problems, it might not be suitable for many programs and use cases.

From the beginning, organisations need to give careful attention to compliance with data protection laws. In the life sciences and healthcare industries, this may entail the selection of sensitive medical information. It was seen how labs will answer the challenge of reconciling some of their inherent characteristics of blockchain with present data security laws. While technological solutions might help to address some of the challenges, it is still possible that regulators need to deal with the special challenges introduced by Blockchain technology.

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How to get Funding for your Blockchain Project or Cryptocurrency project

How to get Funding for your Blockchain Project or Cryptocurrency project

The crypto space has been through its ups and downs, but now things are starting to settle in and the markets are on its way to maturity. Blockchain projects are finding their way to the masses and it’s time to find out how you too can get funding for your blockchain project.

What does maturity look like for blockchain technology? We don’t know that yet, but a good start will are the blockchain projects in all economical and industrial fields.

In reaction to the participation of the SEC, blockchain projects have begun to change back to the conventional means of raising funds for technology projects, that is personal investment from venture capitalists, as opposed to the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) which are a staple of the blockchain projects.

What is great about the Venture Capital (VC) strategy?

The project is not as likely to be tagged a safety since the tokens aren’t offered to the public.
It is more difficult to get financing this way since the procedure is far more rigorous – that many would say is that a fantastic thing.
It depends on access to licensed traders, making the place & relations of this group a whole lot more significant.

How to get  Funding for your Blockchain Project or Cryptocurrency project

In order to start seeking funding for your blockchain project, you or your team will have a clear list of answers to the questions that potential investors might ask.

Here’s a lit of questions you will need to ask before asking for funding for your blockchain project:

1. Which of the following describes your project: angel, pre-seed, seed or series A?

This question refers to the type of round your company is currently in. A company needs to define itself as part of these rounds: angel, pre-seed, seed or series A.

When you are preparing or in the process of scaling a company’s growth, several financial aspects will require the team’s attention. It is important for any company founder to comprehend the different phases their startup can transition through.

The words angel, pre-seed, seed and series A are financial rounds that a company may undergo to increase capital from shareholders, which will help the company develop.

Talking about these different rounds of investing in a project, many will not agree on the same numbers and perspectives. Somebody’s definition of seed is another’s definition of a string A. Nevertheless, the major point to bear in mind is they are all stepping stones in your path.

Around most nations such as America, the United Kingdom, Australia and China, these phases are recognised and could be divided up into these broad rounds:

Angel Round

The process of putting the money-in-the-bank should take just two weeks or not. Most will want to satisfy double, a minimum of one time in person, with some additional queries being answered over email.

Approach angel investors early on your fundraising as it is often useful to find momentum in the around using smaller checks.

Pre-seed Round

A pre-seed financing round is usually in the early stages of the product development, and more frequently than not, used to construct a minimal workable product (MVP). The amounts we are talking about at this around are normally less than $50k.

Funding for pre-seed generally comes from friends, family members, and fans. But, incubators and accelerators can also give you a hand, if you’re fortunate enough to enter one. Equity is the prized asset in a startup and you have to fight to hold onto.

What are the benefits of the pre-seed round?

  • Controlling the management of the project. The funding at this level is modest, and therefore less management is given up;
  • It’s an opportunity to make the most of the upcoming fundraising opportunities through analyzing;
  • Time to construct a productive core group;
  • Evaluation of possibilities beyond your own MVP, without the seeing eyes of significant money.

Seed Round

The aim here would be to inject the MVP using “seed”, therefore it could be analyzed and provide the creators time to appraise the product-market match. Amounts increased at this round change, but firms can increase everywhere from $50k into $2m.

A farmer with abundant soil now must determine what to develop. Like trees, companies don’t grow overnight.

Trees grow from seedlings and shape foundations and roots until they develop into a tree that can be harvested. Seed rounds are supposed to provide a startup together with the funds they have to create the sort of base that yields a lucrative business enterprise. Seed round financing is usually used for things such as hiring key staff members, analyzing the market in more detail and further developing and analyzing potential MVPs. The important thing here is to take your time and find the appropriate seed around partnerships until you proceed to the next round – Series A.

What are the benefits of the Seed round?

  • You can pivot your business model;
  • Join and connect with partners;
    Reduced dilution — your own equity is the main advantage; and
    Greater flexibility to pivot and experiment with no big money viewing.

Series A round

Having a good base and healthy appearing seedling, now it is time to develop.

The Series A round consists of raising around $2-10m in funds. But this also means you have to part with equity. The investors who join in here will receive shares and can request to be part of your board.

These investors will also add pressure to the fast growth of the startup.

Series A is your very first big investment around, which is composed of one or more VCs. They will pour considerable investment in your startup and apply pressure for one to grow quickly. That is where having great foundations are significant. Before you enter this around, be certain that you have both a product-market match and proven systems set up. It isn’t common for creators to bypass the seed around, but it happens from time to time. This normally occurs if a business is experiencing enormous traction. From time to time, a unicorn is seen early and also an eager VC will wish to get in ahead of the crowd. But don’t allow your ego to get in the way, this may often end poorly. There are numerous reasons why many early-stage founders are far better off carrying a seed around before taking the money.

What are the benefits of the Series A round?

  • Capability to scale quickly;
  • Enormous partner with deep pockets;
  • Follow-on investment probably since VCs dislike being diluted;
  • Increased notoriety, stature, and name recognition.

The catch is that the more funds you collect, the more equity you have to part with. If your funds are not big enough, you might not grow as fast as needed and this could lead to a failure of the project. Moat strategies recommend through the pre-seed, seed and series A path.

2. Do you use blockchain technology or provide a cryptographic asset?

Getting funding for your blockchain project requires, of course, a blockchain project.

Before looking for Funding for your Blockchain Project or Cryptocurrency project, make sure you have a detailed and well thought white paper, which can be used by investors to understand your plans for the project.

Ticking the box for either of the two can get your fundings for your project. However, it is important to understand the difference between a project that used blockchain technology and one that utilizes only digital assets. For example, in the online gaming community, changes are already visible and the markets are shifting towards blockchain. Regardless of the industry, knowing the difference between a blockchain and a crypto game can leave you some insights to apply in your own projects.

3. Do you have a multi-billion dollar addressable market?

Whether you are a startup or an up-and-running organization, you should understand what your entire potential market opportunity is for your services or products.

Occasionally new small business owners become wrapped up on comprehensive market analyses and market study, but it may not be the ideal way to devote their valuable time while they are getting their businesses off the floor.

One fantastic reason to compute your addressable market is that it will help you forecast your earnings.

Think about a situation in which the plan states that a company will reach $2M in sales within their next year of operations, but it doesn’t have the capacity to provide the $2M value of merchandise or services in this period. If they had calculated their market, then they’d have had a much better awareness of it, and they’d have either plan for the sudden growth and increased their internal capabilities to satisfy that market requirement or at least realise their capabilities and determine they are not prepared for it. In any event, their earnings prediction would have left a much better impression on shareholders.

4. Can you provide a 20x or greater return on investment in the best case?

Considering that the investment spouses return to VC funds hoping to earn a 30% yield, supervisors of a VC fund won’t make investments which yield an estimated yield lower than 30%.

The yield rates and risk tolerance may also change according to your geographical location.
Does just one question embody everything: earnings initially or expansion?

US startups compete at a giant community market and desire a high level of market penetration so as to get a competitive edge over potential imitators. Hence, traction and growth are the primary success factors as noticed by both shareholders and startup founders.
The problem with this method is that it concentrates on the primary energy supply of startups — that is earnings is delayed until a massive user base is made or funds are exercising.

To the charge of Europe’s startup ecosystem, creating earnings is the only method to show that the company has generated something that individuals would cover and thus, proves product-market-fit.
However, this can also be a reason why European startups have a considerably different scenario in regards to KPIs and the reason it’s fairly normal for European VCs to request revenue-based milestones.

With less later-stage funds accessible, startups in Europe can not spend massively on expansion but will need to create revenue earlier to be able to remain alive.
I feel there is a fantastic opportunity here in Serbia to offer local startups the funds to control other European rivals and resolve the bottleneck of growth-stage financing.

5. Do you have either licenses from an appropriate regulatory body or sound legal advice that your business and financing plans comply with all relevant jurisdictions?

The legislation is essential, but preventing over-regulation is vital. The danger of over-regulation is enormous. Here’s a list of the regulations of all the countries regarding the blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Observing the present law, it may be deduced that the regulatory goals that need to be the cornerstone of this blockchain regulation:

1. Existence of standards that permit interoperability and guard end users

2. Ensuring the security of vulnerable individuals and shielding them from offenders

3. Ensuring good governance to safeguard investors in addition to end customers from fraud, mismanagement and gross neglect

The open source nature of the blockchain jobs is in itself attaining the objective of interoperability. On the other hand, the essential term one of the above mentioned regulatory goals is projection. There’s a good line for authorities and governments between shielding and carrying a big brother strategy where adults aren’t permitted to take their own educated conclusions.

In a few countries (mostly from the EU), present laws like the ones handling money-laundering, investment solutions and taxation are recycled to extend into cryptocurrency-related pursuits. The legislators in those states have acknowledged that specific new solutions that must function as a consequence of the capacities of blockchain technology virtue sui generis regulation.

Actually, within the last ten decades, Malta has been the hub for online gaming firms in Europe, a sector that’s now of fundamental importance to the economy of the nation. Noe, Malta is supplying are the most demanding nation up to now within the world of blockchain technology. Aside from issuing new rules related to ICOs along with the supply of intermediary services comprising cryptocurrencies, laws also have been introduced that covers the blockchain industry generally.

If you tick YES for all the above questions, then you should apply to get funding for your blockchain. 

Who can help you in funding your blockchain and cryptocurrency project?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has been rapidly expanding into different industries internationally, while products and services in the business continue gaining focus.

While international businesses are focusing on in house development and research, blockchain and cryptocurrency capital, such as gumi Cryptos, are making investments to startups to watch a solid capital inflow. Especially, gumi Cryptos matches a particular void in the blockchain and cryptocurrency investment spectrum by allowing accessibility and increasing comprehension of the way the markets function in Japan, such as industrial and investment networks, clients, markets and markets.

Gumi Cryptos is a blockchain/crypto venture fund established by gumi Inc., a major international mobile game developer and publisher.
Gumi Cryptos is investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology startups and companies internationally and provides its portfolio companies with a strategic venture capital investment associated with unique access into this Japan cryptocurrency marketplace through its own network of investors and management board.

Hironao Kunimitsu, Founder and CEO of gumi Inc, stated, “gumi Cryptos will collaborate with Remixpoint to obtain insights and knowledge of the services and products that are based on blockchain technology. Together, we will expand our reach and impact within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.”

Blockchain technology can transform the internet and everything around us. These are the early days of this transition. Imagine that we’re in the calendar year 1989 prior to the Hypertext Transport Protocol (http) was released by Tim Berners-Lee. So we’ve got TCP/IP and FTP and a few of the very basic protocols which specify the net.

Their investments are focused on already established segments such as infrastructure platforms, novel consensus algorithms, programmer platforms, middleware protocols, calculate resource sharing, programming models and frameworks, ecosystems elements such as exchanges and wallets. All of these are comparatively low-level elements and flat (industry impartial). They also take an interest in financial services and gambling.

Gumi Cryptos is directed by recognized operators Hironao Kunimitsu, Founder and CEO of both gumi Inc., and Miko Matsumura, creator of US-based digital money exchange Evercoin. The initial projects financed by gumi Cryptos comprise Spacemesh, Origin Protocol, Robot Cache and Wificoin.

To learn more about gumi Cryptos, see

How you too can improve and succeed with your Crypto Trading strategies right now

How you too can improve and succeed with your Crypto Trading strategies right now

Cryptocurrencies are among the most exciting topics of discussion across the world. The hype which crypto area has managed to make is only unprecedented and has generated massive interest from the masses. And this is why more and more millennials are inclined to get into crypto trading.

Trading cryptocurrencies is an art, like carving a painting or stone which masterpiece. It requires certain levels of knowledge, monitoring, ability, and a great deal of patience.

Before investing the time and other tools in almost any artwork, one should decide as to what things to expect and what not to expect from it. So let us figure out exactly that.

What to expect from Crypto Trading?

It is going to take a great deal of time to comprehend the marketplace.

Cryptocurrencies are different from common equity or forex trading. Without having heard the fundamentals of crypto area, it’ll be rather tricky to comprehend market trends, which will be vital for success. Therefore, learning these principles will take a while.

Overnight victory is a rarity in the crypto world, unlike the popular perception. There are various rags-to-riches stories available on the marketplace, of individuals who bought Bitcoin and became super wealthy inside a couple of months. Justin Sun, the creator of TRON, is just one such example.

Stories of failure, even although popular, are more in number.

Just look for the 2018 bearish tendency, and you’ll realise exactly what this means. As it’s based on a technology, which not even the average investors know ultimately, many wind up estimating it entirely wrong, for this one should examine the market tendencies regularly, which may be an intimidating job initially.
Cryptocurrencies won’t turn your money in billions, not fast anyway.

A myth revolves round crypto trading, based on which purchasing Bitcoins will make you wealthy.
Bitcoin isn’t the only useful cryptocurrency.

According to a survey conducted earlier this season in Europe, over 70% of the respondents didn’t know a lot about cryptocurrencies, although nearly all of them had learned about Bitcoin. Authentic, Bitcoin is the most significant and most appreciated digital token, but it isn’t the only one.

In the past couple of decades, many altcoins have surfaced powerful, which are steady, rewarding, and much more usable than Bitcoins.

Though many people today feel that the crypto world is impeccable and can’t be hacked, the truth is, sadly, somewhat different. There were hacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and other programs, which have resulted in losses running in countless millions. Though the inherent blockchain technology is very stable, cyber attacks have been levied, and this also begs investors to become extra careful in their electronic resources.
Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency, established back in 2009. It’s now the world’s most significant and most appreciated digital token and continues to be a fantastic achievement, to say the very least.

Bitcoin and its success prompted the beginning of many cryptocurrencies within the last ten years, and as listed in August 2018, there are far over 1,600 cryptocurrencies busy, and the number keeps rising daily. This makes life very hard for someone who wishes to place his very first measure in the crypto world, so many choices create confusion, particularly for people that aren’t conscious of the industry thoroughly.

But precisely like conventional investment instruments like forex and equity, cryptocurrencies have a group of factors that decide the destiny of the distinct token. Assessing these factors carefully can enable an investor to decide on the ideal coin with realistic expectations.

Here are a few ways to improve and succeed with your Crypto Trading strategies right now.

Research the history of the coin

Additionally, check the significant events taken place at the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency since the beginning. Research and Read about the cost and equilibrium of this token in the previous six to twelve weeks. A fantastic digital token is one that has been less secure and has been rising steadily, with a minimal indication of intense volatility.

Get involved with the Community Activities

Every electronic currency has a community over social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, BitcoinTalk etc. Usually, community tendencies play a considerable part in determining the destiny of any electronic advantage. See what folks are saying about it, and search for individuals with whom you can talk about and comprehend the token much better. Take into consideration the size of the community. The larger, the better.

Research the development team

This is one of the most important sections of picking a cryptocurrency for your investment.

A more powerful team means they are better equipped to combat any strange or undesirable actions which may harm the shareholders. A lot of time, ex-employees of a present token go to make a fresh one.

For example, the co-founder of Ethereum created Cardano. In the same way, Ethereum Classic came into existence because of some differences between the managing of Ethereum (ETH). Teams need to have expertise, knowledge, and abilities to conduct a cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Examine the adoption instances of this electronic token

Cryptocurrencies came into being together with the only real motto of providing an alternative to conventional cash. But, extensive scale speculations had made mass adoption very catchy, as costs of Bitcoins ran to tens of thousands of dollars.

It has pushed market growth tremendously. See the way the coin that you would like to spend in fares in this respect, as the more significant coin is sure to have a greater need in the long term.

The demand for investment occurs primarily because of two reasons, either you have to plan for a future cost, or you do not need your savings to sit idle. In both scenarios, there’s a function and a necessity, based on which an individual makes investment choices.

Purchasing crypto is somewhat similar. One additional case might be that an individual wants to go through the blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses. Therefore, before making an investment one wants to evaluate her or his goals and objectives, where he or she’d have the ability to determine investment strategies.


How choose which cryptocurrency matches your requirements?

There are many cryptocurrencies on the current market, each having an exceptional fashion and behaviour patterns. Some could be helpful for short-term objectives, and others might benefit in the long term. This is another aspect to be careful about if you want to improve your crypto trading strategies.

As an example, if you would like to invest for your retirement, or your kid’s schooling and marriage, you have to put money into cryptocurrencies using a steady character, which also develops over some time. Thus, investing in recognised and most reliable digital translators such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are going to be of fantastic use.

But in case you’ve got a short-term objective, state you want funds for business growth in six to twelve months, then you have to invest in emerging tokens since they’d yield greater rewards. However, such tokens involve danger, since they’re only emerging after all.

Invest less than your overall capacity

Cryptocurrencies, when compared with conventional tools like bonds or equity, are far more volatile, which could either be beneficial or catastrophic. Remember what happened with the price of Bitcoin, which was around $1000 at the beginning of 2017, and which peaked in December to $20000. Regrettably, the market dropped during the next year, and Bitcoin came to about $3,440 in January 2019.

To prevent such scenario bankrupt you, don’t invest all your savings to cryptocurrencies, particularly not in the first stage. Additionally, start looking for stable tokens to buy at the beginning.

If you are investing for a particular purpose, buy tokens with high acceptance

Cryptocurrencies are presently being accepted throughout the world as legitimate payments. In case you’ve got a company, that engages in overseas exchange, you can purchase cryptocurrencies to bypass cross-border fees. While deciding upon a coin, an individual has to think about the liquidity and acceptance of this token.

Furthermore, if you wish to cover fees for higher education from overseas nations, you can buy cryptocurrencies recorded on the global crypto wallet, that would permit you to transfer money with fewer fees. Additionally, moving money in cryptocurrencies would enable saving on currency conversion prices.

Invest in smaller currencies if you only want to explore the crypto world

If you would like to improve your crypto trading strategies investments but aren’t sure about cryptocurrencies, you may attempt to get the gist of this marketplace by purchasing little worth. Stellar (XLM), Ripple (XRP), or FootballCoin (XFC) are excellent options for exploring the crypto space.

As always, crypto investment requires research. Do not take this information as investing advice. Check out our other resources if you want to learn more about how to earn free cryptocurrency, how to predict crypto trends or where to start if you want to invest in crypto.

Blockchain games which you can play for free and win cryptocurrency

Blockchain games which you can play for free and win cryptocurrency

Free crypto? Yes, there are some blockchain games which you can play for free and win cryptocurrency. Remember, consistency is key!

Games have been part of our human experience and present in all cultures around the globe for over 4000 years. As new technologies got discovered, many used the power of games to try to teach or to redefine values. Today, we see the blockchain community doing the same, adopting the same technique. Blockchain games are real, free to play and you can win cryptocurrency by playing. Check these free blockchain games and start playing to earn free cryptocurrency. Additionally, check out other methods to get free cryptocurrency.

A game is a structured form of play, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. Games are sometimes played purely for entertainment, sometimes for achievement or reward.

We’ve found some ways to earn Bitcoin without depositing one single Satoshi of your own. We researched some blockchain games, which you can play for free.

Every single game listed in this article is free to play. No deposit required. So let’s talk about some games that are actually fun to play. Some require a bit of skill, while others need just some luck.

Spells of Genesis – Playable Crypto Assets

The longest-running Bitcoin RPG to date, Spells of Genesis is everything you ever wanted in a Bitcoin RPG game and more. You can play this amazing RPG on both desktop and mobile devices. This RPG mixes the trading card game genre, with a strategy based game, as well as implementing arcade-style gaming elements.

spells of genesis

Spells of Genesis game developed by a Swiss-based company named EverdreamedSoft. This game use BitCrystal as a premium currency, include card as assets are stored on Blockchain but not on the player account.

You’ll need to collect, trade, and combine orbs in order to build the strongest gameplay deck you can in order to test them against other opponents while exploring the vast world of Askian.

Unlike other free Bitcoin RPG games, players are able to actually own their in-game items and cards outside of the game itself on the blockchain. Now keep in mind that you can exactly earn Bitcoin directly within the game, however, you do build up a collection of rare cards, which when fully upgraded, can be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain utilizing Counterparty protocol.

FootballCoin – In-game gains with crypto collectables

If you know everything about the biggest football leagues in Europe and you can put together a winning team, then this fantasy football manager game is for you. FootballCoin gives you the chance to showcase your managerial abilities by allowing you to create your perfect football team.

footballcoin blockchain game

FootballCoin is the first game ever built entirely on blockchain and promises “A new and transparent crypto-economy”.

This blockchain game has its entire economy based on its own cryptocurrency, XFC. It features collectable footballers’ and stadium cards, you can participate in private contests with your friends and everything is based on real game stats. The teams with the highest-ranking win cryptocurrency!

The best part is that you choose how you spend your cryptocurrency. You can either spend it in the game or withdraw it and exchange it for any other crypto or fiat.


If you’re a Minecraft fan you’re going to absolutely go crazy over this game. If not, I guarantee you’ll still get addicted. This popular “sandbox game” allows players to build game worlds in which you define a story and have full control over all aspects of your creation.

bitquest blockchain game

The MineCraft style game includes Bitcoin as its main in-game currency which you earn by mining, trading, and interacting with other players.


Forged by the great powers of augmented reality and blockchain technologies, Augmentors puts you in control of fantastical creatures. Collect an army of powerful and rare creatures as you battle, train, buy and sell them. You, on Heroic One, will become the greatest Augmentors player in the augmented reality world.

Augmentors blockchain game

Every single creature in your legion has its own unique history, its own past, and all of its lore is stored in the blockchain.

Beyond the Void – In-game Cryptocurrency Economy

Beyond the Void is about to show us the power of a full-on, crypto-powered in-game economy.

Beyond the Void gives players a free-to-play interstellar Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The secret sauce here is that the in-game economy is based on a cryptocurrency token called Nexium. What’s more, is that the in-game spaceships and items you buy are all registered on the blockchain. That means you really own your items.

This means that there is a marketplace for game items and currency that exists outside of the game that is both safe and transparent. This will come as a refreshing change for those games used on the market economies of games like World of Warcraft.

Beyond the Void’s cryptocurrency, Nexium (NXC), is a standard Ethereum ERC20 token. To get started, you’ll need to use an Ethereum wallet, such as Misk or Metamask, and load it with some Ethereum. The game assets and currency can be freely traded on the blockchain, but the developers have also made an online shop where you can buy new assets from the team or trade with other players.

beyond the void crypto game

Ethereum tokens like Nexium are popping up all over the Internet and in all kinds of games. Spend some time playing Beyond the Void and you’ll add to your token portfolio while leaving you the option to cash out if you want to move onto a new game.

Privateers Life – Closer to a Real Economy

The developers of Privateers Life are striving to take this idea even further and create an in-game economy that truly mirrors a real-life one. It’s a place where no goods can appear out of nowhere, but have to harvested, mined, or manufactured from the materials found the game.

This adds a whole new dimension to the game. You can be a part of the production of goods in the Privateers Life economy and sell them for crypto-tokens worth real money. You can think of it as the World of Warcraft gold-mining economy if all in-game items and commodities could be produced, and the gold couldn’t just appear out of nowhere causing rapid inflation.

Privateers Life crypto game

While playing the game, you can buy things using Ludem tokens (the currency of the game) in-game from other players or from the store.

However, the goods in the premium store need to be crafted from other players by collecting all of the materials and ingredients to make them. The developers take a cut of the items sold in the premium store, and also charge a tax on items sold on their “territory.” If you want to avoid this tax as an in-game merchant, you’ll have to buy your own island and really set yourself up.

Games have traditionally had to clamp down on the real-money economies that develop around popular multiplayer games. Games like this one are taking a completely different approach and actually encouraging it. As a player, you can easily start foraging, harvesting, mining, and crafting to earn yourself an in-game income that you can easily and safely cash out on.

Worldopoly – Augmented Reality Game-Based on Blockchain/DAG

When it comes to features, Worldopoly really does have it all. Augmented reality, geopositioning, MMORPG, gameplay, world-building, blockchain assets, and DAG. Worldopoly combines all of these factors and creates an immersive multiplayer mobile game.

Worldopoly crypto game

Imagine if the world was a Monopoly board you could view through your phone’s camera. You can buy streets and buildings and construct your own hotels on them. Now, imagine if you could sell parts of your empire for cryptocurrency worth real money, rent out your shop fronts to advertisers, and even raid or burn down competing players’ buildings.

Worldopoly uses two platforms for its cryptocurrency economy, Ethereum and Byteball. It uses Ethereum because it’s the most popular blockchain platform and many players are already comfortable using it. The second platform, Byteball, is offered because of its advantages over Ethereum when it comes to transactions.

The main problems with Ethereum are slow response times (~10 seconds) and high transaction costs (~$0.20-$1). These are big turn-offs for players. Byteball is a cryptocurrency platform that uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, which is technically not even blockchain technology. You can think of it as a generalization of blockchain technology, with more relaxed rules about how transactions can be organized. Byteball’s DAG platform allows for less than one second transaction time and basically free transactions of ~$0.0001. This is much more player-friendly.

Games need to be easy and cheap for players, at least to get started. That’s why platforms with rising costs and congestion problems like Ethereum may struggle to become the cryptocurrency platform of choice for games. Playing Worldopoly can give you exposure to more practical cryptocurrency technologies, like DAG, and save you some money in transaction fees while playing the game.

Spark Profit

This financial trading simulation has you making predictions on real financial marketplaces, including cryptocurrency markets as well as Forex. The more accurate your predictions are the more points you unlock because of it. You can then cash out your points to Bitcoin at any time.

spark profit blockchain game

Another great aspect to the platform is the fact that they provide you with a plethora of tutorials and resources in order to help you become a “real” successful trader.

You can earn up to a few hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin per month if you work hard at.

Altcoin Fanstasy

Practice and hone your skills as a digital trader without losing your hard-earned savings!

The game is very well laid out and has a professional interface that you’d expect to see from a fantasy sports website. The company includes both weekly and monthly contests where you can win real Bitcoin thanks to their partnerships.

altcoin fantasy blockchain game

Choose from a selection of trading contests hosted by various sponsors. View prizes from each contest and sign up to each one of them for free.

You begin a contest with 10,000 virtual US dollars. Your goal is to accumulate as much cryptocurrency (thus increasing your USD value) by the end of the contest period. If you can do just that, you’ll end up winning the contest and awarded your prize money in Bitcoin.

Do you know of any other free blockchain games we can add to our list? Let us know at and we will be glad to update our list.