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solana NFTress to safe rainforest

Paraguay’s untouched rainforest can cost as little as $300 for one hectare. This will protect it from being bulldozed, cut down, and used for cattle ranching. With today’s technology, this land can become available to anyone, regardless of where you live. 

Ukraine Sells War Snapshots as NFTs

In an age of blockchain and crypto, the physical war in Ukraine could be funded by NFTs. Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation announced an NFT collection to illustrate the chronological events of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

Bitcoin Ban Averted: Proof-Of-Work Crypto Ban Is Rejected by the EU

On March 14, the European Parliament discussed the effects and carbon footprint of Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies. The EU Bitcoin ban was not passed, but the energy discussion has not ended.   ​​A rule proposal that would have effectively banned Bitcoin in the European Union (EU) has been struck down. The European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary […]