Bitcoin Beats Banks

As another week goes by, countless billions were created into the US financial system by its own central bank. According to the WSJ the FED added another $57.5 billion in temporary liquidity into financial markets.

The central bank started interfering in markets since September and intends to boost repurchase operations within the vacation period. More than double the recent Bitcoin market capitalization is going to be pumped back into the market by the FED.

The additional $425 billion is a part of continuing quantitative easing programs and the bank stated that it is ‘perfectly normal’. Printing countless dollars to prop up lending markets isn’t normal by any criteria and illustrates the flaws of the fiscal system.

According to, the federal debts are of over $23 trillion, but even so, banks have been encouraging taking credits in the market.

Crypto business analyst ‘PlanB’ compared this to the Bitcoin stock to flow model, which is much smaller compared to the trillions of dollars which were printed over the past ten years.

“You think bitcoin stock-to-flow model predictions are unrealistic, flawed, absurd? I think negative interest rates & quantitative easing are absurd, printing $21 trillion out of thin air since 2008,”

A recent report by RT stated that the US government could have misspent an identical sum as the ineptitude escalates. Two divisions may have spent up to $21 trillion on matters they can not account for between 1998 and 2015.

Is Bitcoin going to fix to the banking crisis?

Bitcoin has a fixed total supply and its fixed inflationary rates are a mathematically way to solve the monetary madness that’s presently being orchestrated by global banks.

These banks brought on the 2008 financial catastrophe and they’ll cause the subsequent one that could be imminent if present trends persist.

PlanB also stated on Twitter:

“Companies are buying back their own shares with that money. CEO’s of those companies are getting richer and richer and have few other options than to put their money in real estate.”

The main point is that you can not print Bitcoin! More individuals are starting to realize this. BTC is the greatest hedge for anyone desiring a parachute once the monetary walls come crumbling down.