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JPMorgan Is Tokenizing Assets and Brings Trillions to DeFi

JPMorgan plans to develop a way for decentralized finance (DeFi) developers to harness the yield-generating potential non-crypto assets. What are tokenized assets? Asset tokenization refers to the process where an issuer creates digital tokens of a physical asset. These digital tokens are created on the blockchain. This way, the ownership of the tokenized asset is […]

The Digital Euro could be launched by 2026

According to Fabio Panetta, a senior official at the European Central Bank (ECB), a digital euro could be issued within the next four years by the European Union (EU). A potential first use would be peer-to-peer payments.

solana NFTress to safe rainforest

Paraguay’s untouched rainforest can cost as little as $300 for one hectare. This will protect it from being bulldozed, cut down, and used for cattle ranching. With today’s technology, this land can become available to anyone, regardless of where you live.