Hacker Seizes Control of Tornado Cash Governance

A malicious actor recently exploited Tornado Cash’s governance, enabling them to seize total control.

Zimbabwe Launches Gold-Backed Digital Currency Amid Economic Struggles

Zimbabwe introduces a gold-backed digital currency to bolster its local currency and stabilize the economy.

Crypto Innovations by Visa and Mastercard: Next-Gen Stablecoin Payments and Cutting-Edge User Verification Solutions

Both Mastercard and Visa continue to expand their presence in the crypto sector with new initiatives and collaborations.

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Ukraine Sells War Snapshots as NFTs

In an age of blockchain and crypto, the physical war in Ukraine could be funded by NFTs. Ukraine's Minister of Digital Transformation announced an NFT collection to illustrate the chronological events of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  The government of...

A music festival is offering NFTs as lifetime passes

Coachella, the famous US music festival, has launched lifetime festival passes. But the truly surprising news is that these passes will be sold as NFT. Coachella has partnered with FXT.US to create the Coachella NFT marketplace. The NFTs will be put on sale on...

The Metaverse Will Have NFTs With Utility in 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have reached a higher level of popularity and acceptance by both the online and crypto communities. NFTs with utility are here and are no longer considered a bubble, as more projects join the space and give new utility to the created NFTs. ...

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