Coinbase Launches Perpetual Futures To Expand Global Reach

After attempting to acquire FTX Europe to boost its international derivatives business, Coinbase pivoted to offer perpetual futures to qualified customers in and outside the U.S.

Crypto Miners Turn to Renewable Energy 

As environmental concerns increase, the future of crypto mining turns towards renewable energy. What are the alternative energy solutions?

Lido Defies 22% Self-Limit Rule Amidst Mixed Reactions

While multiple Ethereum staking services are pledging to limit their market share to 22%, Lido Finance takes a different path, sparking debates on centralisation and community values.

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How to Judge an NFT Project: Lessons From Overhyped Projects

Why are NFT prices falling? What to avoid when buying NFTs from a crypto project? Remember the popular NFT collection called Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)? This collection became extremely valuable in early 2022, but as of 2023, its popularity has faded, causing prices...

Reddit’s NFT Drive Nears Monumental 10 Million User Milestone

Revolutionizing the crypto and NFT landscape, Reddit's unique collectible avatars are on the brink of reaching a staggering 10 million users. Reddit, a social media site, is nearly hitting 10 million users who have its special profile pictures, called "Reddit NFTs."...

Ukraine Sells War Snapshots as NFTs

In an age of blockchain and crypto, the physical war in Ukraine could be funded by NFTs. Ukraine's Minister of Digital Transformation announced an NFT collection to illustrate the chronological events of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  The government of...

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