Market Cap: $ 120,240,773,872
  • Bitcoin: $3601.56 (-3.47%)

  • XRP: $0.32 (-3%)

  • Ethereum: $119.64 (-4.04%)

  • XFC: $0.0045 (-3.78%)

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Why Should You Use Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are numerous and versatile and can be utilized as entirely private bank accounts and payment cards for almost any occasion. They offer a multitude of ways to earn a form of interest with little or no effort and help users protect sensitive data and holdings on the go 24/7. It is obvious that the […]

Make adoption easy and mainstream cryptocurrency adoption will come

There are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, but almost all of them are held for speculation. How do we get people to spend these currencies? And, more importantly, how do we make them a medium of exchange that consumers can use in everyday life? According to the paper — entitled “Cryptocurrencies: Overcoming Barriers to […]

top countries where bitcoin legality

Bitcoin (BTC) is considered to be the first cryptocurrency to be issued under the term of representing a decentralized blockchain-based digital asset. Read more on What is Bitcoin? Although this is the case, and Bitcoin is running over 110 billion dollars in market cap, BTC is still not widely regulated across all countries in the world […]


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