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The Couple Responsible for the 2016 Bitfinex Hack Got Arrested

On February 8, 2022, the U.S. Justice Department announced that it had seized over $3.6 billion worth of stolen Bitcoin. They arrested a couple who were accused of laundering the cryptocurrency stolen in the Bitfinex heist six years ago. Ilya Lichtenstein (34) and Heather Morgan (31) were charged with conspiring to launder the 119,754 Bitcoin […]

The Most Promising Bitcoin Hard Forks (And How to Claim Them)

Did you know that you can claim Bitcoin hard forks coin if you owned Bitcoin at the moment of the fork? Bitcoin, the first and most popular cryptocurrency ever created, has not been free from conflicts within the community. Over the years, many individuals and groups of developers have come up with ideas to make […]

coachella NFTs festival lifetime passes

Coachella, the famous US music festival, has launched lifetime festival passes. But the truly surprising news is that these passes will be sold as NFT. Coachella has partnered with FXT.US to create the Coachella NFT marketplace. The NFTs will be put on sale on February 4, and need to be redeemed by February 25, 2022.  […]

The Gaming Industry Is Evolving Thanks to Blockchain Technology

Blockchain supports many aspects of our modern life, and it has already proven to take the gaming industry to the next level.  Since personal computers became a regular item in households, computer games started to earn their place as an entertainment option in the 20th century. The first goal was to provide fantasy worlds for […]

Is the ETH Stolen From Accounts Laundered via Tornado Cash? has stopped withdrawals on the platform for a few hours to investigate suspicious withdrawals. Supposably, the stolen funds have then been laundered through the Ethereum coin mixer, Tornado Cash. suspends withdrawals  On January 17, a new threat has been detected on one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the official […]

metaverse nfts with utility

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have reached a higher level of popularity and acceptance by both the online and crypto communities. NFTs with utility are here and are no longer considered a bubble, as more projects join the space and give new utility to the created NFTs.  The rise of metaverse NFTs in 2021 Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) […]

Gibraltar to Become the World’s First Crypto Hub

Valereum, a blockchain company, send a proposal to purchase the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX). The local regulators are reviewing the proposal. This would mean that the British overseas territory could host the first integrated bourse in the world, where both traditional bonds and major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar and more can be traded. This […]