Even when the crypto market is in a downward trend, there are still a couple of techniques you can use to make money. Of course, there’s a tradeoff between risk and reward, and it’s up to each one of us to find his personal balance between the two.

And if you don’t want to take any risks, remember that you can always get free crypto even when the market crypto is low.


What is shorting? Shorting, or short sale is the reverse of purchasing a coin and expecting for the price to rise.

As soon as you close your short position, you then need to buy the exact same amount of coins at the present cost to provide the exchange back precisely the exact same quantity of coins.

Consequently, in a quick sale, the most desirable situation is one where you commence the short position in a high cost, and near your standing at a minimal price, hence selling high and buying low. This technique is usually utilised to hedge funds and reduce risk, but maybe a potent tool when confronting an elongated downturn in the marketplace.

Shorting is somewhat insecure as the losses are uncapped on account of the price’s capability to proceed upward without jump; at a lengthy-standing, your reduction is capped at the of their cost going to 0. 1 method of obtaining coins to short market is using a lending platform like ETHLend.

shorting how to make money when the market is down

Swing Trading

What is swing trading? Swing trading takes benefit of the short-term cost movements in a coin’s graph instead of looking at the massive macro trend.

Within a confirmed up or downward situation of price movement, there’ll remain little peaks and valleys at the cost as it goes within that general direction. Seasoned traders may consequently earn money from their micro-trends, purchasing the lows and selling the highs through a bear market. Within this situation, market volatility throughout crashes is the perfect scenario as it supplies the largest useful local optima from the graph.

swing trading how to make money when the market is down

To be able to conduct trades, you have to become knowledgeable about the many kinds of technical analysis like pattern formation, and indicators like RSI. This is only suggested for individuals who have a high-risk tolerance and enough experience utilising technical analysis to examine short term motions.

Passive Income Coins

In case you’ve got a lower risk tolerance and don’t need to utilise more innovative trading procedures, the next best thing would always be to hold onto coins which generate passive income irrespective of market action.

There are numerous coins which may create a passive income. However, the two most important kinds are staking coins and trade coins.

Staking coins, in exchange for regulating the community, provide added coins for each coin used from the staking procedure. Expect somewhere between a constant 5% to 10% annual yield for staking in the case of the majority of currencies.

Some proof-of-stake versions, for example, Ark’s DPoS, offer higher yields than more first versions of staking. Exchange coins give numerous advantages on exchanges like reduced prices, and a few, for example, KuCoin’s, offer a type of profit-sharing where a percentage of trade prices are returned into coin holders.

The percentage return from such coins is directly tied to quantity, which might fluctuate.

Staking coins are a lot more consistent and comparable to volatility, whereas trade coins continue to be insecure in that you’re gambling on the success of a specific exchange.