It’s not a surprise anymore to discover each day new blockchain projects, which are applicable not only in the financial sector but which cover a wide range of interests. Today, we have services like initial exchange offerings, digital collectables and many more services popping up each week. Here’s an overview of some newly discovered cryptocurrency trends, which might get more popularity in the near future.

Digital Collectibles

In a time when E-Sports and MMORPG/MOBA/RPG is growing hugely, buying digital things that signify that adventure or as an indication of respect for that specific character, merchandise, occasion etc., are normal if you are a diehard fan.

It is worth noting that there are different projects targeting electronic images on the blockchain. Probably the most famous one is CryptoKitties, but the world of crypto collectables doesn’t stop at kittens’ avatars.

The way we buy collectables has also changed. Before, you had only two options. You either bought it online and hope that your products will safely arrive at your doorstep, or you would meet the seller and physically buy your collectables. This was the customary procedure, but the age of digital buying is here and that’s a whole lot more attractive for nearly all of us.

Today, collectables are easy to buy and easy to transfer, sell or trade. Crypto collectables are soon to become the gaming industry standard and everything is transparent since all records are kept on the blockchain. For example, football fans are in for a treat, if they want to collect their favourite football players and even earn free cryptocurrency. All of this is possible with FootballCoin.


IEO (initial exchange offering) is a brand new strategy to crypto-banking that’s grabbing the interest of ICO investors across the globe. IEOs can offer many advantages in contrast to ICOs (Initial Coin offerings). They provide greater safety for customers, enhanced transparency, and also a fairer system that may benefit beginners.

Trust is one of the main benefits of IEOs. Since the crowdsale is running on a cryptocurrency exchange system that the counterparty displays every project that strives to start an IEO on its site. Exchanges do so to keep their good standing by carefully assessing token issuers.

Thus, IEOs can remove suspicious and scam jobs from raising capital via cryptocurrency exchange programs, and it will become much more difficult to scam subscribers with IEOs.

Exchanges like Binance and OKEx have developed their very own IEO launchpad solutions to aid businesses considering conducting IEOs to raise capital.


Even though there isn’t any rigorous framework for its development or installation of DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges), they’re generally open-source, peer-to-peer software that enables consumers to purchase and market cryptocurrencies in exchange for national currencies and other cryptos.

To put it differently, a DEX is much more than only a non-custodial market, since the development is completed in an open and decentralised manner — individuals decide to participate and there’s not any legal proprietor of the provider.

The perfect model to get a DEX is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (a transparent, computer-represented company that’s a more intricate variant of a ÐApp). This would ensure the whole decentralization of all facets of the market, and consumers would have the decision capability rather than any central figure.

Presently, possibly the only really decentralized market is that the Blocknet “BlockDX”, as other efforts don’t decentralize all four purposes.

Block DX is an open-source decentralized market and is a part of Blocknet, a 2nd coating blockchain interoperability protocol that permits communication, interaction, and exchange between various blockchains.