Baidu, the Chinese online giant, started a blockchain-based service for developers and small and midsize-businesses to build dapps (decentralized software).

The new service, translated as Open Network from the Chinese, will enable users to develop and deploy applications without building their own blockchain platforms, according to a Chinese media report by STCN, a state-owned daily newspaper. 

The Open Network is a part of Baidu’s business blockchain community Xuperchain and intends to entice smaller users with a better price and technological challenges.

The network can be also considered a way in which the Chinese government tries to embrace the blockchain technology and its desire to encourage its use by smaller businesses throughout the country.

How much does it cost to use the Open Network platform from Baidu?

Baidu stated the price of using the new service can be as low as 1 yuan (US14 pennies ) using its quantity-based fee arrangement until March, according to the report. The new service enables clients to use smart contracts templates along with other practical elements created to boost efficacy, in order to simplify the procedure and build new apps.

According to their site, the Xuperchain system has almost 3.5 million consumers and has processed over 450 million trades. The system has seven masternodes such as Tsinghua University and streaming solutions giant iQiyi to assist and confirm transactions on the stage.

Baidu announced in May it would make its Xuperchain community open source to people and start looking into the possible challenges its potential users could experience.

The new service isn’t the organization’s first attempt to assist programmers to build their own software. In February, Baidu Cloud established Baidu Blockchain Engin (BBE) to handle computing and storage problems for programmers when they attempt to construct programs.

Baidu launched its own Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform in January 2018. The system aims to be the blockchain infrastructure for apps. Unlike the newest Company, the BaaS platform needs companies and developers to have their very own blockchain first.