WhiteBIT has entered an exclusive circle of crypto firms upon reaching its five-year milestone. On the eve of its anniversary, it’s well worth turning our attention to this crypto exchange and looking back on the things that helped build its legacy.

How WhiteBIT became one of the noteworthy crypto exchanges

WhiteBIT’s emergence as a noteworthy force as a cryptocurrency exchange can be traced back to a series of choices that propelled it to the vanguard of the market. WhiteBIT was founded in Ukraine in 2018 and quickly grew to amass a substantial user base. This now exceeds 4 million individuals, making it a significant player in the European market.

WhiteBIT’s exchange encompasses over 270 digital assets across 350 trading pairs. Its suite of services includes margin trading and futures, giving it a wider scope than traditional crypto exchanges and helping it land alongside the industry’s biggest players.

What further set WhiteBIT apart were the strategic alliances it cultivated, notably its endorsement as the official crypto exchange of FC Barcelona, a globally renowned football club. Also complementing its diverse asset selection was the inclusion of 10 fiat currencies for funding user accounts, among them major denominations such as USD, EUR, and GBP, ensuring widespread accessibility for a global audience.

Furthermore, the introduction of its proprietary WhiteBIT Token (WBT) and the innovative WhiteBIT Earn program showcased the platform’s commitment to user-centric innovation, providing a spectrum of benefits and earning opportunities for its users.

The landscape of crypto is a dynamic one. The robust regulatory framework and the high-performance trading infrastructure have helped its rise in the industry during the five years that it has been active.

WhiteBIT’s Five-Year Anniversary

WhiteBIT turns five years old. For all the reasons listed above, this is a big deal. The Baltic Exchange has been a symbol of consistency in an often uncertain crypto space and an advocate for cutting-edge innovation.

With Bitcoin and most other major cryptocurrencies seemingly turning a corner in recent weeks, and with hopes that crypto can enter into a bright new future, it will be companies up to companies like WhiteBIT to offer solutions to both regular and experienced consumers.